Ballerina Collection Photo Shoot Part 1/2

Out of all the ideas that moved in my head, this one danced the best. I decided to stage a photo shoot that captured the discipline of ballet and the delicacy of floral design. A fluid juxtaposition.

After Months of planning, every aspect I dreamt of was captured. It all started with constant back and forth communication with our Floral Photographer Lucia Cruz who at the time was shooting a destination wedding in Punta Del Este, Uruguay.

I remember her telling me that she had purchased her ticket to spend the holidays with us and that we should use this perfect opportunity to create art. Most girls get excited when one of your best friends comes to visit. You both start to plan where to brunch and sip Mimosas. Not us. Call us crazy, but when we get an idea in our head, we reach for the stars and only come down once our itch for creativity is reached.

I quickly began visiting thrift shops, stalking Craigslist and even downloaded the Letgo app, to find the perfect Vintage Décor. Why might you ask? Because to me, there is a deeper meaning to just doing things. The things I do must have history! I kept searching for keywords: vintage, tufted chaise. Search, scroll, click, I fell in love. Although I had multiple options, I was determined to make this beautiful velvet love seat mine. I messaged the seller and negotiated my pick up. Upon arriving, I quickly learned how much history this chair had. It belonged to a family who had recently lost their grandfather, the rock of the house. I was told to take great care of his chair because the memories that lived through this chair were irreversible. I knew it hurt them to let it go, but I promised them I would take the best care and that this love seat would help put my styled photo shoot together. They don't make furniture like this anymore. Dark solid wood, blush velvet, tufted, a dream come true.

I also came across two antique wooden chairs with beige cushions that were soon to be reupholstered with royal red velvet by yours truly. The pair belonged to a Russian family with a sweet little boy and his kitten. They too were excited to find out that their chairs would be part of a professional photo shoot and asked me to message them once complete.

I needed a table... What's a photo shoot without a vintage table? By this time everyone thought I was nuts. Our Floral Studio had become a tag sale storage room. Where else was I supposed to keep all of my prized possessions? The best place to keep them was where I design. I need them to inspire me and remind me of the beautiful work of art we were just days from creating.

Okay so three items in and I hear the word storage trunk, stop right there. You mean this $20 Pirate of the Caribbean treasure chest can be mine by tomorrow? Believe me; I'd take five if available. And just like that, I became a hoarder... just kidding trust me I'm on to something here.

All this furniture and still no model. Who would be intrigued to collaborate with BOW&ROSE on such short notice? We all know that's when the best ideas are born. I thought long and hard scrolling through my Instagram followers but couldn’t find her. What was her name? I believe she's from Port Chester. I remembered this girl who stood out to me from the rest of my followers. She LOVES our work and has been following our @bowandrose social media since day 1. Her name is Jessica Ferretti, a graceful ballerina who's been dancing since she could walk! I couldn't dare ask anyone else to model for us. It was her or no one.

I slid into her DM's lol… briefly introduced myself and asked her to text me. It was urgent. I crossed my fingers she'd agree to be the star of our shoot. How could she say no after I bribed her with flowers?

“Anything for the art,” she replied, I’ll always remember that. I screamed! Everything was running so smooth! I had everything I needed, the perfect furniture, the girl, endless flowers and the PERFECT LOCATION.

- to be continued-